About Us


Our strategic plans for the year 2021 to 2023 are:

First Goal: To provide at least 200 girls, youths, widows and women in rural and Urban Communities with vocational and skill acquisition trainings to help build their human capital for self-reliance and wealth generation.

Objectives for this goal:

  • To empower the youths, girls, widows and women financially, be self-reliant and employers of labour.
  • To reduce crime rates in our communities and discourage prostitution among widows.
  • To build people that will contribute ideas, knowledge and skills to the development of their community.
  • To focus on rural communities in the Federal Capital Territory.

Second Goal: To support the enrolment of at least 100 teenage girls, orphans and vulnerable children from households into primary and secondary schools.

Objectives for this goal:

  • To ensure that every teenage girl, orphan and vulnerable child is not denied access to primary and secondary education on the account of his/her family background.
  • To ensure that our target groups can communicate in writing, reading and speaking.
  • To ensure that they are provided with human dignity.
  • To ensure that they are self-developed and enlightened

Third Goal: To carry out strong advocacy on girl child education, dangers of teenage pregnancy and early marriage by engaging the community and religious leaders in at least 20 communities.

Objectives for this goal:

  • To ensure the eradication of using the girl child as domestic servants, human trafficking and hawking during school hours.
  • To ensure that teenage girls are not given out for marriage before maturity.
  • To eliminate sexual abuse of teenage girls by paedophiles.
  • To ensure that the girl child is not seen as a burden by their parents.

Fourth Goal: To promote health and healthy living in at least 30 communities

Objectives for this goal:

  • To improve health of individuals and communities, especially the vulnerable groups.
  • To provide the opportunity to acquire information and skills needed to make quality health decisions.
  • To address the issue of access of individuals and communities to quality health care.
  • To apply public health systems in the areas of maternal and child health, health services administration, emergency response, prevention and control of infectious and chronic diseases.


Create a world in which every child, girl, widow and woman will have the opportunity to survival, development and participation.


We are determined to work with communities, to empower, enhance healthy living, create lasting solutions to poverty and hunger of vulnerable groups, and communities of the world.


We promote positive change using Community Directed Interventions through Community Participation and Involvement, to bring about Community Development.


  • We provide services beyond self
  • We are truthful in our dealings
  • We have nonprofit integrity
  • We execute projects and programs with 100% honesty
  • We are public mindful
  • We are responsible and committed to our purpose
  • We have outmost respect for human rights and social justice
  • We ensure all inclusive community participation in all our projects and programs.
  • We solve problems using logic, analytical reasoning, creative thinking and technology.